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ASSOCIATIONS EXIST TO KEEP THEIR MEMBERS in contact with one another, as well as to provide a strong, unified group with POWER! Often, association officers are volunteers whose "real" jobs require enormous energy and time commitments. SMC provides assistance in meeting planning and support, ongoing management services and continuity of headquarters. Because each organization has unique strengths and needs, we are pleased to offer customized services that will work for you.

Association management services may include:
  • Continuity of administrative functions
  • Permanent offices
  • Membership services
  • Meeting management
  • Web site management
  • Record-keeping
  • Member-to-member communications
  • Public relations
  • Accounting services
  • Strategic planning support
Our technology capabilities are tops, assuring that you'll have the most current management and database software, internet access, budgeting and financial services, and online registration. We'll work with your web site, and will help you maintain the most current information for accuracy and timeliness.